How to Choose and Wear Gemstones Bracelets in Best Ways

How to Choose and Wear Gemstones Bracelets in Best Ways
Posted by Cee Chan

Gemstones are nature blessing add energy of the earth into body. Natural tone has strong impact over personalities. It over you either wears them just for fun making to want to gain all it advantages by knowing meaning and their impact on one’s life. Gemstones jewelry is awesome sources to energize spring/summer wardrobes. Color textures and irregular shape perfect for achieving perfect balance out between style and what you dream for.

Is it possible to wear more Gemstones or not

You can ear just one to combination of gemstones in shape of stylish bracelet. Crystals, gemstones and other decorative charm embellished bracelets boost-up inner power and energy. Gemstones can wear differently. Wear just one type of gemstone in single bracelets. Wear combination of multiple gemstones in one bracelet or make fun with multi-layering trends.

Know first what you want:

Gemstones deeply touch out spirits. Some stones are for motivations, some are for awareness, confidence, strength health, wisdom and courage. Turquoise is for health and prosperity. Jasper for courage and carnelian is for confidence. So choosing gemstone jewelry first knows what suit match to your personality and what you want to enhance.

Types of gemstone bracelets:

  • Power wrap

Power bracelets are combination of multiple crystals. 9 different crystals with multiple meaning used to make power wraps. You can choose less according to intention about what you want.

  • Confidence bracelet

Most of who how want to boost their confidence and want to reach high level of self esteem can wear confidence wristlets that made up from Carnelian crystals embedding.

  • Pure energy bracelet

Pure energy bracelets made from crystal heaving healing power of making soul pure and more energetic from inside. Amazonite, clear Quartz, and black tourmalinated quartz are those gemstone works in smoothing the flow of energy, help in setting personal intentions and also uplift inner energy with clam.

  • Refresh bracelets

Water energy is bigger sources to feel freshness and calming feel from inside. Wear bracelets made from Aquamarine to be feel youthful and happier. This crystal is also for protection, Good luck, Courage, strengths, fearlessness and strength.

  • Manifest miracles bracelet

You want to see,” dreams come true” then wear Manifest miracles bracelet which is combination of rudraksha seed bead, citrine, yellow jade, yellow jasper jade and quartz.

  • Mantra wraps:

For mantel and physical health manta bracelets assume ideas. Wear these wraps during yoga practices to enjoy healing powers like willingness, peace and positive power.

Gemstones best for beginner

Citrine, turquoise, aragonite, malachite, amazonite, spirit Jasper are preferable stone for beginner who just learn about intention settings. Intention setting is a way to identify what you want and what would you want to become. Consider what thing you find in lea in your personality that you want to align. This one is necessary for every soul before connecting your spirit with energy of the crystal.

Ways to wear gemstone bracelets

Gemstone bracelets are timeless has greater charm for fashion girls. Trendier and joyful look grabs into these bracelets. You almost wear then with all kind of outfits. Here are few tips to wear gemstone bracelets.

  • Pair one statement bracelet that’ll go with your everyday outfit
  • With basic dresses wear chunky and bold bracelets.
  • Petite gemstone bracelets will ensure extreme delight with cool casual looks.
  • Mix up with other charm or material for fashionable outcome.
  • Play with traditional pieces to layer for vintage look.
  • Choose colors and texture to give theme to your outfit
  • Combine with pearls, beaded and wooden bead for eye-popping finish.
  • Pick what you like more that also fit to your personality.