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Ways to Add Oversize Mirror In Home

Ways to Add Oversize Mirror In Home
Posted by Cee Chan

Lights through mirror decoration. Mirror incorporates differently. Big mirror consider cool and dramatic statement that not just for beauty added purpose these mirror also help to bring brightness and reflection for make room space visually broader. Here we discuss ways of adding giant mirror with style.

Oversize mirror for space saving homes

Mirror are ultimate decorative compliment perfectly blend into any type of interior; classic to modern, county-chic to urban, simple elegant to sophisticated glamorous. Big mirror in geometric shapes stand out idea to put décor art on the visible places. Play around with shapes like triangular circle, oblong that pinch nice bold statement.

Big mirror entryway wall decoration

Big mirror look excellent either you bring in neutral soft tone or darker theme room just need perfect natural light to let it work properly. Simple mirror are awesome but you can look ahead. Select mirror in decorative frame. Large mirror with vintage floral rustic wood, gold, brass and sleek black framing consider most favorite for interior decorations.

Behind console big mirror decoration

Giant mirror in linear standing on floor behind the console table cooler inspiration for entryway and hall way decoration especially you have less space or tight corridor. Big mirror reflection creates an illusion of double space. Hang down statement chandelier if it’s hard to bring natural light.

Living room behind the sofa wall mirror

Living room second favorite place where you place big mirror, no matter you have space-saving or extra large lounge area. Most people bring large mirror for focal accent when set open living with dinning or kitchen. Mirrors are excellent balancing component. You can enhance more advantage than you think. Behind the sofa wall and over statement console table wall are also ideal places to nail down oversize mirror.

Living room statement wall décor with mirror

Do you have open living room with statement wall big enough and no idea about what to set over it? Bring in extra large mirror with adorable framing to fill the empty wall. It looks graceful and more opulent. There another situation if fireplace mounted right in center or the room. Choose two big mirrors in similar style and stand on both side along the fireplace for a quirky enhance.

Dress-up nook area with mirror

Pop Spruce vibe into home space through positioning giant mirror at most visible places beyond vanities and console table makeover. Pamper-up daydream area, mean nook corner, with large mirror. Stylish lounge chair in front of mirror never let you feel alone.

Bedroom decoration with large mirrors

Large mirrors also stunning material for bedroom decoration. You can incorporate mirror in multiple ways. Behind the console table mirror arrangement are too common. Now this day big mirror position at place where bed reflects inside mirror. This make bedroom interior more romantic and also add hint of openness. Set mirror right in front of mirror, in side or tune attractive headboard with large mirror. Big mirror behind the night stand on each side of the bed is also effective trick to decorate space-saving bedroom.