Permanent Eye Liner: What Is It And Is It For You?

Permanent Eye Liner: What Is It And Is It For You?
Posted by Cee Chan

Have you ever wondered, what would it be like to have permanent makeup.

Permanent eye liner is an option that you have. This is an actual cosmetic procedure that is done to allow you to add eyeliner to your eyes that will not wash away, droop, run or fad. Unlike other choices, these make up products are ideal for those that want to look good all of the time, not just sometimes. In many ways, these eye lining products are designed for those that are busy, those that want to look perfect all the time and those that like to use the same make up look every time.

What Is It, Really?

Permanent eyeliner products are actually not make-up products at all. They are called micro pigmentation products. Permanent eyeliner is a more common name. What they do is provide an organic material that will be placed under your sink to create the look of make up. To have this procedure done, you will work with a cosmetic surgeon or artist. They will use a small, hand held mechanism that will puncture your skin hundreds of times per minute with a very small needle. The needle inserts an organic pigment under the skin. The device carefully places the pigment just where it is desired.

While this method of applying eye liner is not something that sounds like fun, it can be ideal for many. It is not all that painful and numbing cream will be used to soothe the uncomfortable feelings of the needle. The procedure may need to be touched up in the future as it can fade over time. Nevertheless, it is a permanent solution. It does not run, provides an accurate line of make up under your eye and looks just like standard make up would if not better. You can select the colors, locations and the desired amount of make up to be applied as well.

This permanent eye make up is a bit more costly than purchasing a few tubes of eye liner would be. Yet, over the course of time, it will pay for itself. Just imagine waking up each morning to a face that is completely made up! Or, consider getting out of the pool without having to worry about what your make up will look like. These things don’t have to be thought about with this make up product at all. It is done and looks great all of the time.

Is the permanent eye liner the right liner for you? Investing in a good quality cosmetic artist is a must. You want to know their hand is steady and that you can talk to them easily. Communication and skill should be considered here. If you aren’t afraid of a little pain and love the thought of not having to apply eye liner all the time, the permanent eye make up may be perfect for you.