Fun Ideas of Sandwiches for Kid’s Snacks or Lunch Box

Fun Ideas of Sandwiches for Kid's Snacks or Lunch Box
Posted by Cee Chan

Sandwich idea is one of the crazy ideas to attract your kids for lunch. Here we have some fun ideas to amuse your kids with cartoon shaped sandwiches ideas. Make sandwich at home with different shapes and adored with healthy veggies, cheese, egg, olives beans fruits embellishments.

Cat face, cartoon face, angry bird, kitty, Elmo and Bert, lady bug or many more crazy shapes or embellishment sandwiches are attractive for your kids dreamy lunch idea. These sandwiches are best choice of your kids lunch box or holiday snacks idea.

Scroll down this page and get some crazy ideas for those moms who are worried about their kid’s lunch.

Fun cat face sandwich

Fun cat sandwich idea can get surprising touch on your kid’s lunch box. This unique idea may also insist your kids to finish their lunch. Cute cat face shaped fun yummy sandwich is also outstanding holiday snack idea that will inspire your kids with their friends. Yummy cat face sandwich is adorned with black olives for eyes, tomato as nose and whiskers for green onion embellishment idea.

Fun cock sandwich

Yummy cock sandwich idea is more attractive for your kids. This healthy breakfast with creative design is mouthwatering for your kids and insists your kids for eating. Round bread toast shape sandwich is adorned with fry egg and make a fun shape of cock sandwich. Cucumber slice or olive slice as cock eyes, red tomato beak and tomato comb at head idea bring fantastic touch on your kids breakfast sandwich.

Angry bird sandwich

Angry bird sandwich is also one of the creative additions for your kid’s lunch box. This yummy angry bird sandwich is made with healthy veggies or many other ingredients. This yummy sandwich is made with whole meal bread and white bread with dual color design. It is adorned with cheese disc slice for eyes and green beans for their eye ball. Carrot slices are used to make beak and tomatoes for their feet.

Diy lady bug sandwich

Diy lady bug sandwich is best breakfast or kid’s lunch box idea. Take brown bread slice and filled with fried bacon fresh veggie such as salad leave tomato slice with split half design and adorned with chic black olives and front round black olive with eyes or coriander stem for face. This yummy diy lady bug topping kids sandwich may also get astonishing touch on your kid styling.

Elmo and Bert sandwich

Elmo and Bert sandwich cartoon themed sandwich idea bring eye-catching charm for your kids. Firstly make a Bert sandwich with yummy or healthy toping. Take 2 slice sandwiches with cut of hard crust and adorned with salty seaweed for their hair or eyebrows. Carrot disc slice for their nose and also take a slice of ham or salami for making their mouth.

Also take cheese slice and olive slice for making eyes. This decorative Bert decor sandwich is attractive with Elmo decoration. Fro Elmo takes half tomato and adorned with cheese slice for their eyes and triangular carrot for their nose or C shaped cucumber for their mouth.

Cute Kitty cat sandwich

Kitty cat sandwich idea is best choice for your kid’s lunch box or holiday snacks. Yummy kitty cat sandwich is made with kitty cat shaped sandwich and adorned top mayo spreading strawberry flower and make kitty face with olive eyes and yellow bean nose with side black chocolate moustache design.

Racecar sandwich kids sandwich

Racecar sandwich is also wonderful creation of food art. This yummy sandwich is made with number of yummy ingredients.


  • Hoagie roll
  • Cheese slice
  • Oscar Mayer deli smoked turkey breast
  • Lettuce
  • Cherry tomato
  • Cucumber
  • Sandwich pickles
  • Carrot sticks
  • Mayonnaise tooth picks

Open face egg salad sandwich

Open face egg salad sandwich is one of the crazy lunch box ideas for your kid’s mouthwatering lunch box. This yummy sandwich is made with unique style. Hard cooked slice sandwich is made with yummy or healthy ingredients. Firstly baked bread hardly and spread mayonnaise layer and mashed egg salad layer. Two egg slice as eyes with green beans for eye balls. Tomato slice for smiley face and grated carrots are adorned over the eyes.